I have preached two sermons from Colossians. 1:24-2:5 and 2:6-15. The Lord has used this in my own life to reconsider and reaffirm the fact that our teachings and lives must be Christ-exalting and Christ-centered. We must be always teaching and learning, growing in more knowledge of and insight in Him, His person and work in the Gospel, overflowing in thanksgiving to Him and yielding fruit in love. How this will keep us rooted and firmly fixed in Him so that we may not be deceived and carried away from the truth! I have hoped and prayed that I would be able to communicate this rightly to the congregation so that the same thing happens to them as Paul hoped and prayed for the Colossians. I don’t know, but so far many of the congregants have thanked me after the sermons. I can only give glory to God. There were actually some who found that what I had said applied to their situations without my intention, which I think is good, since it is the Word of God working by itself as He promises.

One great struggle or obstacle with every sermon is with regards to the existing Swedish Bible translations, which are not very accurate. Having to translate the text from the original Greek for each sermon adds a lot of work, but also helps a lot, as I find some things that are very significant that I would not otherwise see, or things that have completely changed the meaning from what you sometimes get in the existing translations. To me, it’s helpful to use these translational/interpretational difficulties to search deeper and find out what the text says and then to expound it. At the same time I don’t want the hearers to think that they all must know Greek or that they can’t read the Bible in their own language.

Last month we published 19 blog posts/articles/videos on Evangeliecentrerat. I have also translated 6 articles from The Gospel Coalition and translated and subtitled 7 videos. I have also started translating Paul Washer’s “The Gospel Call & True Conversion.” We don’t have many volunteer proofreaders that have much time to help with the proofreading. We have a lot of translated items and a lot to proofread that we could publish at a faster pace if we just had proofreaders. Please pray with us, that the situation will get better, that we would get more proofreaders or more time for those we have, or both.