Youth Evangelism Through Sports

What looked like mere sports, God has used to bring young men and ladies closer to gospel truth. About six months ago, the young people of the church, led by the pastor, capitalized on a nearby school ground. The ground has a football (soccer) pitch, volleyball pitch, and basketball court. As I passed through this ground, I saw several young people playing games. This moved me to organize some

Youth Evangelism Through Sports

Pastor Kwenda Kwenda

meetings at the grounds. So every other week the young people meet at the grounds and play games.

It is a blessing to see students from the school and other people from the community coming to join in the games. After a number of games, everyone gathers and the gospel is shared. It was out of this that we had three young people, Charles, Twambo, and Hendrix, start to attend the youth meetings. Charles and Hendrix are cousins who live together. They are the most consistent. They are always at the meetings and have even started coming to church every Sunday. I recently visited them at their home and chatted with them at length. All that can be said is that they are still seeking to know the truth. I have arranged to meet with them on a weekly basis to study the Word with them.

We shall trust the Lord to do His work, especially in the hearts of these young men and women. May this new step in evangelism see more souls come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray especially for the salvation of Hendrix and Charles who have been quite consistent in these meetings.

Children’s Ministry

We had some challenges during the course of last year. All the teachers in the ministry relocated from Choma. The pastor had to take up the task. However, the Lord has answered our prayers and we are getting back on track. A teachers’ training seminar was held and we have three people serving in teaching children.

Sunday school attracts about 10 children. The ministry also runs a Bible Club in one of the neighborhoods. The Bible Club has about 20 children, most of whom are from the neighborhood. Four of these young boys have started coming to Sunday school. Pray that God would save these young ones and that the leaders of the ministry would be renewed in strength.

Hope Ministry

One of the new ministries we recently introduced is the Hope Ministry. The Hope Ministry reaches out to prisoners, hospital patients, and orphans. We thank God that the prisoners we are reaching are appreciating the gospel. One of them visited the church after he was released from custody. Pray that God would save these men and women who are in jail.

Pastor Kwenda Kwenda
Choma Central Baptist Church