Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, from the work He is accomplishing in Fredericton, NB, Canada.

There were two major events that happened in Christ Community Church in the month of June.

The first was that we were able to put in an offer to buy a piece of land. There is a 4.2-acre lot for sale in the city for a very reasonable price. We placed an offer on the land. We are currently in the process of applying for re-zoning. That required us to have a building plan, architectural design with a land survey, and the application with fee. We had to present it before the city planning committee and the counsel at city hall. Needless to say, we are already exhausted and we have not even broken ground. We know the Lord will provide all our needs to accomplish His will, and we are content in that.

The neighborhood is a bit rough, which is why the property is less expensive. This has had an effect on some of the congregation, leaving them concerned. Providentially, as we have been working through Matthew on Sunday mornings, we found ourselves in chapter nine, where Jesus goes and dines with the Tax Collectors and Sinners, to be their physician and call them to Himself. This proved to put most of the uneasiness to rest. I thank God for that. Pray that He would continue to keep us unified in one heart and mind, and that we would be able to press on with His strength in the building project He has led us to.

The second event effecting Christ Community Church also affects every other believer in Canada. It is not so much as a single event, than it is a progression. The Canadian government continues to slide into liberalism. Christians are not openly persecuted yet, but the day seems to be coming quickly. In the last two years religious freedom has eroded. Here are a few examples:

– The government has a program for employing students for the summer. If you apply, you can receive a grant for either for the wages required to hire a student. However, this summer there was a new stipulation on the application. Any applicant must affirm the government’s position on abortion and gay marriage. In fact, the current administration has made it their goal to ensure that abortion is not only made freely available in Canada, but also around the world. Thus, Canada is exporting millions of dollars to nations to help them begin an abortion industry. Canada actually has the most liberal abortion laws in the world. In fact, there are no laws governing it. Anything goes!

– Marijuana is being made legal in October of this year, making Canada the second country to fully legalize it, preceded only by Uruguay.

– The supreme court of Canada ruled in a 2-7 decision, that law students graduating Canadian Bible College (Trinity), that are influenced by historic Christian convictions about marriage and sexuality, can be rejected from taking the Bar exams.

Please pray that the Church will be ready, like the Hebrews, to suffer the loss of their earthly possessions, reputations, and even families. Pray also for those who are in power, that it may go well for us here in Canada, that we may lead peaceful and quiet lives, godly, and dignified in every way (1 Tim 2:2).

God Bless.

In Christ,

Corey Betts, on behalf of Christ Community Church, Fredericton, NB.