Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from the work He is accomplishing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Check out our new church website here: 
Christ Community Church Fredericton

May has been a whirlwind of a month with so much happening it’s been hard to keep track. Due to recent flooding and intense storms we have had many wonderful opportunities to serve our community and share the Gospel; two new families were added to our church; and I had a really encouraging encounter while preaching at another church.

At the beginning of May, our province was beset by record setting floods that closed down almost 100 roads, including the Trans Canada, making traveling anywhere a very risky undertaking. The flooding didn’t just close roads though. Many people were left homeless and displaced, while high winds actually destroyed some homes by smashing them with driftwood and debris. Christ Community Church, along with many other churches and organizations like Samaritan Purse, have been working formally by signing up to go and do disaster recovery, and informally by having displaced friends and strangers over for meals to alleviate some of the suffering in the city while at the same time bringing people to the knowledge of Christ and His Gospel. 

Pray for the city, for the many who are still displaced, and that we will be able to continue helping in these ways. Specifically pray for Clinton and his family. Many from our church helped meet their physical needs and he has heard the Gospel now many times. Pray that the kindness he received will be instrumental in turning him to the Lord. 

Tim, a young man I (and Dave) have been discipling, has been exercising his gift of preaching, usually two or three times a year, and one of those times was this past month. What a joy it was to hear him and witness the growth of gifting in that area. 
While Tim preached at Christ Community Church, I had the privilege of traveling to Doaktown to preach at Miramichi Valley Church while Dave was away at the 9Marks training. There I saw a man who looked very familiar sitting in the second row back, though I couldn’t recall how I knew him. After the service, I spoke with him, and realized we had met before. 

Six or seven months ago, I had been driving to from Fredericton the hour’s drive north to Doaktown where I am from, and stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. As we went along I shared the gospel with him, told him about Miramichi Valley Church, and then later called Rob Greenwood and asked him to go and visit the man, or at least tell his son some more information about youth group. 

Usually, I will pick up a hitchhiker to share the gospel with them, but I never know what happens after they get out of the car. I assume that’s the same for most everyone who evangelizes hitchhikers. But what a blessing it was to my soul that this man who was now sitting in this church was the same man I had picked up some months earlier! It was a good reminder that God can and does give the increase, as we are faithful to sow the seed. 

Thank you all for your prayers and your support. We likewise are praying for you.