Pastor Wege Sinyangwe of Chimasulo Baptist Church just south of Lusaka, Zambia reports:
“The light has been beaming lately at Lilayi (Jambo Farm) Bible Study Group where the Lord was showing His mercy. First we witnessed an increase in attendance, which had dropped to between 5 and 7, and now has grown to an average of 15 people. We even had three new people joining the group. Our greatest joy, though, is over souls being saved.

A Transformed Life

Mrs. Hangoma recently made a confession that she had come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She had been one of the difficult people at this place as far as attending the Bible Study was concerned. Her husband had been quite consistent since we started this evangelistic group and he has been to our church once. When she started attending our Bible Study, she proved to be difficult in that she very was critical and controversial in the studies. Sometimes she got so frustrated that she would walk out of a study and at times she stopped coming altogether.

Then one day we were looking at the “assurance of salvation” when, at the end of the study, she strongly came out declaring how the studies had been helpful to her. In fact, they had transformed her life. She told us how stubborn, hostile, and arrogant she had been to the things of God, particularly our Bible Study Group. She says she was attending with the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA). Her life has truly changed. She is now one of our committed Bible Study attendees.

A Tragedy Bears Fruit

I take much delight in seeing people converted under the gospel preaching at Chimasulo. We recently started another baptism class with Victoria and Angela. Victoria is the wife of the late Patson Phiri who died in April 2017 in a road accident. Patson was one of the two men who helped in mobilizing the people at Jambo farm for Bible Studies. His wife, Victoria, was one of the difficult persons at Lilayi, Jambo Farm – a staunch Catholic. Each time we encouraged her to come to church, she would tell us that she was a Catholic and merely attending our Bible Studies. After much persuasion, she started attending church services once in a while.

Since the death of her husband, her life seems to have changed. Her attendance to church meetings has improved tremendously, with a somewhat good level of commitment to the other means of grace. Victoria and Angela approached me wanting to be helped on how they could be members of our church. These ladies are zealous for the things of the Lord, but there was need to put them in the baptism class so that they can be more fully instructed on salvation and be assured that they possess it. Their level of commitment is quite encouraging.”