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Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

Warm greetings in the Lord from ESS, Myanmar! First and foremost, I thank God for this privilege to share with you the wondrous things God had done in my life and the mission fields over the past months. I am reminded again that God is always good and faithful to His servant. Thank you very much for your faithful partnership in the Gospel ministry. 

HeartCry Conference KL 

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to HeartCry for arranging and supporting me to attend the HC conference in Malaysia on 26-30 August. It was a tremendous opportunity for me to meet more solid brothers from other Asia countries and to learn from the speaker profound lessons that spoke to my heart and soul. I needed to hear the teachings of the conference. God knew that and brought me there. Prior to that, I had been very busy in a challenging and physically stressful ministry to the point of almost burning out. But God in His mercy took me out for a while to be among His men to learn from them. The Holy Spirit strengthened my soul. I returned home, encouraged, energized, and empowered. I learned a lot both theologically and pastorally. I still feel the impact of that conference which, I’m convinced, is none other than the lasting work of the Holy Spirit, conforming me to the image of Christ each day and humbling me for the great work of the Gospel ministry ahead. Thank you very much. 

A new church planted 

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On the 12th this month, I baptized 48 people from one of our mission fields who had confessed that they believed in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. They were from 17 families in the same village. Those 17 families have 92 members in total, including children. Consequently, a new local church was planted there. The second church planted in three months under the ministry I oversee. We had sent out an evangelist couple to that animistic village three months earlier. He is pastoring them now. Among those baptized were an animist priest (chief or leader) of good reputation who had been listening to our Gospel preaching for about four years. He is the most stubborn person and one of strongest adherents to animism we’ve known in this area. But God in the power of the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the Gospel has brought him to repentance and submission under the lordship of Christ. People witnessed and marveled at the event. There are still about 20 families in the village who remain indifferent to the Gospel message. Please pray for their genuine conversion as well as for the new congregation. Please pray that those 48 people would grow in grace and that the rest of their family members would also know Christ through their testimony. 

Testimony from a former animist 

One significant thing is that three former chiefs of animist from three different villages were among those who believed in Christ in the last six months. On the above-mentioned occasion, I met one of those animistic chiefs I baptized five months ago, and we had a wonderful conversation. He told me that he regretted he hadn’t met Christ earlier. He is in his late 70s. This man is a man of great experience, both politically and religiously. He was originally from the village mentioned above. Five years ago, he led out about 30 families from that village and settled in at a new place where he is living now. Since then, the Gospel has been preached to them regularly. About a year later, two-thirds of the villagers received Christ. Despite hearing the Gospel continually, he and his followers remained unchanged for the next four years until last April during our youth conference when he unexpectedly came out and received Christ. He and his wife were baptized on the following day among others. But there are still some families in the village who remain in their stubbornness. 

As we recount the past experience during our conversation, he mentioned his inner struggle over the past five years. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit which we can’t fully comprehend. Given that he had heard Christ and had a chance to believe in Him at least five years earlier but didn’t do that, we can say nothing but marvel at how God’s work is unfolded in amazing ways. As far as I can recall it was during one of the sessions at the youth conference when I was preaching the Gospel by simple biblical explanation of God, Man, Sin, Salvation and heaven that prompted his conversion. I think this is the same as the other two animistic priests. They attended the conference together, heard us preach, and they had a discussion among them during the conference. I think that’s how he came to know Christ personally through the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. And he also gave me his testimony of how he felt being liberated from the fear of the devil and from continually worrying about the afterlife. He looked genuine and motivated when he said he had never missed a church gathering and a sermon since he joined the church. His former life as an animistic priest was one with strictest laws and burdensome duties with full of fear and unrest soul day and night. But now he is set free from that bondage of sin and tasting the goodness of God and the joy of salvation. I was encouraged to see that he’s on the right path getting as mature in the knowledge of Christ as an old illiterate man can be by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


The church I pastor is growing in the knowledge of Christ and in numbers as a result of sound doctrine being preached to them regularly. It is a great encouragement to witness that the Holy Spirit is working wonderful things in a Christian’s life. The true Gospel preaching never fails. And it is manifested in the church when the members live differently from those around them who are fallen. Having seen the good testimony of our members, two new families have moved to the village in the hope of becoming our church members. Please pray for us as a church so that we would be a biblical model to other churches in doctrine and practice and that our physical needs would also be met for the furtherance of the Gospel ministry. 

Last but not least 

Thank you very much for HeartCry and all supporters for your support and partnership. Our missionaries and their families are grateful for your supports in many ways. They are working hard in their respective places, teaching the children in the village and preaching the Gospel to them. Please remember them in your prayers too, namely Rufus, Chris, and Silas, so that they would continue to serve the Lord with all their hearts and might, and be faithful to the glorious Gospel ministry entrusted to them. Thank you very much for all the supports you have given to the ministries I’m engaged in. Above all, thank you for your earnest prayers for me, my family, and the ministry. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers. 

God bless you. 

In Christ, 

Elijah (September 2019)