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(The images are blurred for the concern of the believers.) Thank God for His grace and mercy. He called me from darkness into His marvelous light. He chose and used me for His glory. I can’t imagine once before I will do full-time ministry as a missionary or pastor. After salvation, this is a great blessing for me. I’m thankful to God and all the sponsors who help me by prayers, financially, teaching, and guidance for church planting and many other matters.

Throughout the lockdown, it was a tough time for my ministry work. But by the Grace of God and the answers of the prayers of all of you, I started regular weekly meetings in 6 different places. When I share the Gospel, persons are coming to faith. They are converted and have taken baptism of water.

My focus is to plant a local church and also help the churches in surrounding areas. I am trying to arrange meetings for the new church plant. Church planting has been difficult for me because people are not readily available, and there has not been much interest and are used to a one-person show where the pastor does everything.

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I have other challenges in my ministry work, like places for gathering, the right timing for meetings, etc. Mostly, the people are poor, uneducated, influenced by Islam, magicians, and erroneous Christian doctrines that are so far from God. Many are greedy and only interested in self. That’s why they have foolish questions and demands. Pray that God gives me wisdom and guidance so I can lead them according to scripture.

In Christ, I’m very excited, and hopefully, sooner or later, by the Grace of God, we will plant a healthy church. Again I’m thankful to God, all contributors, my pastor, and HeartCry who teach me and guide me from time to time.

In Christ, your servant and brother,

Joshua R.