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Dear Prayer Partners,

The Myanmar political situation is worse and worse. The war is between the military coup and the People Defence Force from civilians. Bomb explosions, gun shootings, burning houses, robbing shops and houses happen every day in many towns and cities in every state. People are killed every day.

In one state thousands of civilians left their homes and fled to the forest for safety. We have seven frontline missionaries in seven different villages, all of them have churches. The seven missionaries with their churches also fled to the forests. We could not contact them for a month. Fortunately, last week one missionary could call us by telephone from the mountain and told us that they are suffering from Malaria, dysentery, and Covid in the forest. No medication, no good water, no more food.

This evening, a pastor from another state phoned me that army trucks, full of soldiers, had arrived. Soldiers with shotguns came, and a pastor was badly hurt while working at his home.

Civilians’ houses are robbed and burned. Elderly people who experienced World War II said that the present situation is far worse than the second World War. As a matter of fact, I could not find words to express and explain how scary and horrifying the situation is. The other day, there was a powerful bomb explosion near our children’s home, followed by a gun shooting in front of our church. Some people were killed. That kind of thing happens every day somewhere.

On the other hand, COVID is also still killing people; it is currently spreading in rural areas. Because of the two enemies: COVID and war, life is more and more difficult. Many people became jobless; prices have gone high, everything is expensive. Now Myanmar money has no value; inflation rapidly has gone up. Indeed life is tough for common people. Life is in danger.

Right now, the Chin people are trembling as many soldiers came up to the Chin State to fight them. They have no other things to depend on except God. Therefore, I wholeheartedly request you to pray for Chin people who live in Chin State.
Thank you,

Bro T

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Going and Sowing

Going and Sowing