HeartCry missionary Florin Stan has been evangelizing in the town of Sinaia with the intention of planting a church in the touristy area. The population of Sinaia is approximately 20, 000. Florin and the Fieni Baptist Church have collaborated with Sorin Prodan and the Providence Church of Brasov in beginning the new work. This month, Brother Stan relates the difficult details of planting the church in Sinaia:                               

I have been passing out Christian literature in Sinaia. In the few sunny days that we have had, I went to Sinaia and distributed gospel tracts. I covered about 95% of the town and believe that there are only about 10 blocks left. I hope to cover them in July. Following the literature distribution, I want to approach people on the street and preach the gospel to them. Furthermore, I wish to meet many of the people that live in Sinaia. In preparing the ministry in Sinaia. I had strategic meetings with the people that intend to get involved in this project.

I struggled a lot this month thinking about launching the church planting ministry in Sinaia. I tried to put things in order for the beginning of this ministry. First of all, we need to locate and prepare a place for our Sunday evening meetings. Then we need to prepare the church to take up her role in this project. Also, we need to create partnerships for this project. We believe we have found such a trustworthy partner is brother Sorin Prodan and Providence Church of Brasov. We decided that a group from their church will come every other Sunday to be involved in the ministry in Sinaia for a few months.

We pray that the Lord would help us and prepare everything we need for planting a biblical church in Sinaia.