Ivan is a lawyer who runs his own law firm, but also has the heart of a pastor. He recently transitioned into part-time ministry in order to give more time to planting and pastoring a church plant in Comiso, Sicily. He is sent out and under the authority of the church in Caltanissetta and Pastor Reno Ulfo. He is supported in part through your giving to HeartCry.

Church Planting Activities

We now have four families in regular attendance at our new church plant. Some of the members of these families are very poor both spiritually and materially. Among them there are some who have suffered psychological and sexual abuse, and some are still struggling with alcohol addiction. Nevertheless, God is at work in them and we are discerning signs of real repentance and conversion.

It was very moving to witness how sacrificially the attendees gave themselves to the work of cleaning and repairing our new meeting place and how they offered their own furniture in order to beautify the place. The first worship service was held on July 1, and since then, we have seen 15-20 people in attendance during each meeting. The teaching on the Lord’s Day service is the continual exposition of the Gospel of Mark and the people are responding positively with open confession of faith and repentance, resolutions to abandon the past sins, offering forgiveness to those who have wronged them, and seeking reconciliation with members of their families. All of them are also receiving pastoral care as necessary. 

Service for the Poor

We asked all the adults who attend the meetings to give some of their time in order to help the poor people in our area. We have established an agreement with the municipality of Comiso, and each month we are distributing food and other goods to approximately 150 people. In August, we have planned a special meeting so that all of them will have the opportunity to listen to the preaching of Word of God. We hope in this way to do more than give material help. We are seeking to gain the people’s confidence by showing them true Christian love. This activity also allows our families to live what the Bible teaches, especially in Galatians 5:22-23 and Psalms 146:9.

Book Library and Literature Distribution

With the help of the Alfa &Omega Publishing House we have established a book sharing service in order to distribute Christian literature. The Lord is moving the hearts of many toward reading sound books in order to better understand scriptural truth and to promote biblical reformation in personal life, family life and society. 

Paul is the founder of HeartCry Missionary Society and currently serves as its missions director. He also ministered as a missionary in Peru for ten years. He has preached hundreds of sermons and has authored a dozen published works. Paul lives in Radford, Virginia, with his wife Charo and their four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn.

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