Ion Tomeci shares the impact that a recent church planting conference that he took part in coordinating had on the attendees. 

The Church keeps growing in spite of adversity, a lack of faith or a lack of money. It keeps growing and preaching the Gospel all over Romania. I was involved in organizing a conference for church planters. Their situation is not easy at all, but I am amazed to see the self-sacrifice and boldness of some of these brothers. The purpose of this conference was to equip common people and to urge them to get involved in church planting, especially in those places where there are no evangelical churches. About 60 people from all over the country participated to this conference.

Sadly, one of the families that attended the event, suffered the loss of two of their children while planting a church.  Brother Tomeci comments, “A family who came to the conference is involved in the missionary work in their village. They have 8 children and have recently passed through a difficult situation. Two of their children died and because they are evangelical Christians, the Orthodox priest didn’t allow them to bury their children in the cemetery. After this incident, the town hall gave them a piece of land to use for burial. That was such a painful situation for this family, but the Lord supported and comforted them. It is very difficult to be an evangelical Christian in an Orthodox context. They all think you are a sectarian and deserve the worst.”

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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