Since the month of July 2018, Sunday worship meetings have been held regularly with the frequent attendance of 15-20 participants who gather for our exposition through the Gospel of Mark. They were joined by an increasingly numerous group of visitors who showed interest in the knowledge of the gospel and our ministry in Comiso. From the middle of October, we have proposed weekly Bible study meetings in private homes, attended by about ten people in each home. In these sessions, we are deepening the foundations of Christian doctrine by allowing those present to present their doubts and convictions about the life of faith and by answering in the light of biblical revelation. The Lord has deeply touched hearts, encouraging a climate of meditation and prayer. The visible fruit of these Bible studies is evident. A young couple of believers from a Pentecostal church have requested membership into our church in Caltanissetta and four unbelievers have requested to be catechized. May the Lord be pleased to add them to the “community of those who are saved” (Act 2:47).

Evangelistic Meetings

On September 9th and December 2nd of last year, we held two evangelistic meetings at our place of worship. About fifty people took part in both. In the first of these meetings, we were also blessed by the touching testimony of a young believer who faithfully attends our meetings and helps in our diaconal works. He had a history of heavy dependence on drugs and spent a four-year period in a Christian detoxification center. His testimony was an honor to the grace of God the Father who “freed him from the power of darkness and transported him in the kingdom of His beloved Son “(Col. 1:13). At the end of these events, a meal was shared with all those present.

Pastoral Care

There have been numerous requests for pastoral ministry and we have sought to be faithful in this foundational work—with the help of God. Among the needs is a young Christian family that is going through serious moments of spiritual disturbance because of their misconceptions regarding the family that are far from the teachings of the Word of God. Particular and constant care has also been given to a couple of regular unconverted attendees who have a history of family violence (court proceedings are still ongoing). The husband and father of this family has had a long and serious struggle with alcohol dependence. With our support, he is receiving the gospel that frees from the bonds of sin and the necessary medical care. There are also two Italian women among the regular participants who have specifically requested help. The older woman had to flee years ago from the Middle East where she lived with her Muslim husband who had enslaved her and killed her two daughters. The second was born of an incestuous relationship, and after the failure of a first marriage, is now remarried in a second marriage. From this second union was born a boy who is now fifteen and has recently shown signs of rebellion. To all of them we have presented the God who “raises the oppressed, does justice to the orphan and defends the cause of the widow” (Is. 1: 17b).

Diaconal Works and Distribution of Christian literature.

Since the beginning of our church, sixty-five families have been assisted with both food and clothing. The purpose of this diaconal work is to reach the highest number of lost, helping them not only in their material needs but above all, to announce to them the gospel, exemplified by practical love (James 2:15). Our great purpose is to deliver the people from the spiritual poverty that is common to all sinful men. To all those who come into contact with us, we are preaching the gospel and distributing Christian literature in collaboration with Alfa & Omega Publishing house.

Ivan Caradonna

Paul is the founder of HeartCry Missionary Society and currently serves as its missions director. He also ministered as a missionary in Peru for ten years. He has preached hundreds of sermons and has authored a dozen published works. Paul lives in Radford, Virginia, with his wife Charo and their four children: Ian, Evan, Rowan, and Bronwyn.

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