HC missionary Gennady receiving the new books for his church library

HeartCry missionary Gennady Mikhailov receives the newest theological books in Russian at the latest conference in Siberia. 

One of the more fun things that we do here at HeartCry is give doctrinally sound books to indigenous pastors in their own language. Why is this so fun? Mainly because of the gratitude and reactions of those receiving the books, coupled with the enormous need for good literature in so many languages that is being met on an individual level.

Here in the office Brother Paul is quick to remind us of this tremendous privilege and often compares it to “Christmas morning”. Have you ever given someone a gift that they immediately cherish and value? Their reaction makes you feel happy and even excited to have given them something that they will use and enjoy for a long time.

That is exactly what is was like for me on my most recent trip to Belarus and Russia. In addition to training conferences, meetings, and other ministry duties, I had the privilege of hauling many books to Siberia and giving them to pastors and other believers who attended the HeartCry training conference in Irkutsk. These men had come from all over the Irkutsk region and some even from Northeast Siberia!

Multiple copies of the following books were distributed: The Gospel’s Power and MessageThe Gospel Call and True Conversion, The One True God, The Truth About Man – all by Paul Washer; The Doctrine of God, by Gerald Bray; The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Ferguson; and The Providence of God, by Paul Helm. Through your generous giving we have been able to place theologically sound literature and other resources into the hands of indigenous pastors, teachers, translators, and believers in Eurasia.