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Through our Afghan brother, ‘Lucas,’ we learned that Christian families in the Afghan house churches were still hard-hit by Covid lockdowns, and many were once again in need of food. Through the ongoing generosity of our donors, HeartCry was able to help purchase food parcels for these suffering saints. Here are a couple of ‘thank you’ notes from those who were helped:

“Here in Afghanistan we are in the midst of crisis with third wave of Covid and withdrawal of international security troops. Pandemic, poverty, violence, and persecution is what many Christians face. Also the struggle of living expenses due to not being able to work.  When all things like house rents and food needs come together, it becomes really hard to provide. We have received the food packages, and we have warm thanks to you for paying attention to us. It really encouraged us that we are not alone. It was good and helpful in our situation. Thanks to God for your loving heart. God bless you. Your feelings to help others reflects the love of God, which can glorify His name. My family asked me about the source which sponsored our food, and I mentioned that they are the Jesus and Gospel followers. It brought good ideas about Christians in my family, we really appreciate such good help.” 

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“We would like to thank you for standing with us in this difficult situation. As everyone knows we are in lockdown because of Coronaviruses. We were so much in need of food and praying to our Lord Jesus to provide our daily food. After a few days God heard our prayers and one of our Christian brothers brought some food Items to our house. When we saw His provision, we were so thankful to God that He did not forget us in this difficult time. Our brother said this money which bought foods was coming from outside of our country, and they show their love to us in this time. So our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we would love to say thank you for helping us and standing with us in this difficult time. It means so much to us. We got encouraged so much and understand that we are belonging to one family. We are praying that may God bless you more and more. With Love.”


‘Lucas’ also wrote recently, asking us to pray for believers who are taking a courageous stand for Christ. Their actions are voluntary, intentional, and potentially dangerous.

“A group of brothers and sisters in Afghanistan felt strongly, after long prayer and discussion, to apply for new national ID cards and designate their religion as ‘Christianity.’ This is a risky decision, but they feel this is right for their future and their children. This is a historic moment for the Afghan Church. For the first time in modern history, our nation will publicly recognize that Christians exist in Afghanistan!

I quote from one of them ‘We are not called to live and work safe, but to boldly stand for our faith in Christ and share His gospel to the world.’

This is a hard time for Afghanistan as we are close to another civil war as Nato withdraws troops. But we are grateful that 20 years ago God opened the door for many brothers and sisters to come and share the Gospel in Afghanistan, learn our language, translate the Bible, and disciple Afghans. We stand on the shoulders of many that gave their lives for Jesus. 

Please be praying for these Afghan brothers and sisters to trust in Jesus and grow in their faith despite persecution and violence. Jesus is on the throne.”