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I wanted to write briefly below to explain an encounter some members of our church here had after the service:

Last Sunday, after the church service I ran out to pick up lunch for the leadership meeting we were about to have. As I left, I saw one of the men from church talking to someone that was passing by. When I returned another man from church was now talking to the same man out in front. I went up to them to understand what was going on. The man was debating with our men that there was no need to go to church, that he could be a Christian without going to church.

We were able to share with him the Gospel, and how the Father gave His begotten Son, and how the Son gave His life for the church and how the Holy Spirit inhabits the church. This is precisely what I preached the first Sunday in January, the importance of the Church. I agree with Richard Sibbes, “Christ is the King of the church and the church is the greatest queen of the world”.

In the last two years, we have seen a decline in attendance of the Church in Portugal. So many issues became more important than the Church. In that sermon, which I apply first to myself, I called the brothers and sisters to love the church staying in the apostle’s doctrine, in fellowship (in prayer and the Lord’s supper), in service, in worship, and in evangelism. (Acts 2:42-47; Ephesians 4:11-16). Pray with me that Miratejo Church keeps loving the Church that God loves abundantly. 

Please also make these matters a priority of prayer for us in Portugal:

  • Spiritual growth for the leaders of the church, and corresponding maturity in the members
  • For the Lord to raise up more leaders to plant churches in neighboring cities where no gospel preaching churches exist
  • For our church’s evangelistic outreach efforts to be effective. So many are lost to drugs, alcohol, debt, etc. and are in clear need of the gospel to change them and save them from themselves