Adam is a pastor in Krakow, Poland, with his wife and two children. Below he writes of the Lord strengthening the local church he shepherds in recent months. You may read his full testimony and call to ministry by clicking here:

Greetings and love from us to the HeartCry brethren. My wife and I highly appreciate all your prayers and support we have been receiving from you. The Lord has kindly allowed us to enter the new year. As we look back to the previous one, we clearly see that the pandemic has been a great blessing to our church. I could list all the things that come to mind, but let me just emphasize one: a greater understanding of Christ’s church. Many unexpected trials and challenges are forcing us as a church to humble ourselves, understand our weaknesses, confess our sins, strive for unity, and give ourselves in sacrificial love for one another. We have many expectations and many unknowns in 2021, but we start this year with confidence that The Lord always proves to be faithful and there is never any reason to doubt His good intentions and wisdom as He leads us through various challenges.

Three weeks before the end of 2020, a brother in Christ proposed to visit us and preach for me the first Sunday of 2021 so I can have a rest from sermon preparation. Kyle Ricedorff, along with his family, moved to Poland from the United States about 2 years ago after he graduated from the Master’s Seminary. His talk with a friend of HeartCry, Tomasz Krążek, who explained to him the need for the gospel in Poland which was instrumental in bringing Kyle to our country. Kyle is a part of the church in Grodzisk Mazowiecki which is the community where Tomasz also ministers. His coming to us has definitely strengthened the loving relationship between our church in Krakow and the church in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The foundation for our partnership for the gospel is being built by Christ. Kyle preached for us a very practical sermon from Titus 2:1-6. My family and I spent a lovely weekend with the Ricedorffs. Follow this link to hear the full message from Kyle.

Regarding our church, we have joyfully started 2021 in unity and hope. We are aware of our shortcomings but I see that brothers and sisters really care to grow in holiness and the knowledge of the Lord. The greater we grow in our knowledge of the Lord, the more are humbled. The women in our church have just desired to start some additional meetings for them to pray and encourage one another through the Word of God.

We have some young people who desire to join our church. They have been with us for a longer time and we see they really want to belong to our community. However, I asked them to wait a little while longer as we need more time to get to know them better. They received that well. Lastly, I see no prospective at this moment to train anyone or to have anyone to be a co-elder or a deacon in our church. Please pray for the Lord to raise up laborers. Nevertheless, the Lord has his purpose to let me pastor this fellowship alone at this time. I am an undershepherd of the Chief Shepherd. Once I finish this report, we are going to evangelize. Please pray with us, that the Lord will incline the hearts of the people to listen and receive the gospel so they can be saved. May it happen for His glory. Thank you very much for being engaged in our life and ministry entrusted to me by God.

Thank you very much,

Adam and Elisia