In March, we started a new session of membership class in our church. Six people are participating in the study, who have visited our church for a while and said they wanted to join the church. I taught them the membership courses on Sunday School each Lord’s day. I am very grateful that God brought His people to the church gradually.

I continued to preach Nehemiah in March. The sermons reminded me of the truth of God’s Word and encouraged my heart a lot. God built up His people through the hands of Nehemiah. Although there were many difficulties and obstacles in the rebuilding of the city walls, there were attacks from enemies outside and complaints from the people inside, but by the grace of God, Nehemiah triumphed. His example helped me to see that in the process of building the church, whether there is an external attack or an internal crisis, God can help His faithful servants to endure and keep going. All of this reminds me to be committed to the call that God has given me, even if there is a difficulty. I don’t have to fear or be discouraged, because God has made me victorious.

We started a new ministry in our city in March. This ministry originated from the teaching of biblical counseling in my church. A preacher from another church visited our church and attended our class for biblical counseling. He went back to share the importance of the course and how it helped himself with other co-workers in his church association. They invited me to teach them biblical counseling, and I taught biblical counseling courses to more than 80 preachers from in our city. The teaching of this course allows these preachers to learn more about biblical counseling and help me to apply the truth and advance the ministry of biblical counseling in our city. Praise God for opening my way of serving, so that I can participate in the advancement of His Kingdom.

The church is safe right now, and the government has not given us pressure or disturbance in our gathering. I am very grateful that God still grants us such a peaceful and quiet life. Although we don’t know what the government will do next, we still have the joy and confidence to face it.

God bless from China,