Dear brothers and sisters

We thank God for his providence because we were original worshiping in an empty apartment of one brother. But early this year, the brother told us that he planned to move into the apartment and we have to relocate within short frame of time. It is difficult to look for a place to worship and fellowship here because most regard church as illegal activities. But thank God we found another apartment almost the next day. Yes, I had a sleepless night because last time when we looked for an apartment, it took us a month without any success. I am even more thankful because this time we need money to rent the apartment for our church (we were given free use of the last apartment) but the brothers and sisters voluntarily made offering although they are typically from a low income group of the workforce. So within short frame of time we have the money and we have a new place of worship.

What is even more exciting is that the new location is very near to a local university. Now we have a new mission! We plan to do university student ministry. We plan to react out the university student this fall when the new students start the new semester in the university. Please pray with us so that we can share the gospel in the university campus and also reach out to Christians who study here from another city. This is an exciting turn of event and we praised God for his sovereignty and providence.

Brother Jian W