HeartCry Missionary Society supports Pastor Gaius in China and we are humbled that God allows us to minister alongside this faithful servant of God. Recently, Gaius informed us he has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver due to stress-related burdens of pastoral ministry and concerns of government persecution. We ask you to pray for Gaius and the concerns he has expressed in his report below. Too, Gaius sent us several photos of the members of the church but for obvious security concerns we cannot post them online. We are convinced that you would be greatly encouraged if you were able to see the local body. However, know the congregation is filled with beautiful young families who are seeking to follow Christ Jesus (Ed.).

Dear HeartCry and Supporters.

Personal Need

My health is still the same as before and there has been no change in July (Cirrhosis of the liver referenced above). Following the doctor’s advice, I am having a healthier diet and more exercise. In order to help me exercise, brothers in the church invited me to play badminton with them every Friday evening. I also jog in the park during the week. I will have a physical examination in September. Please continue to pray for me.

Family Life

Let me tell you something about my family, for which I am thankful. My son, Titus, can understand Chinese characters through Pinyin. Since the summer break began he has been reading the New Testament in Chinese Pinyin every morning – at least two chapters a day and sometimes six chapters. My daughter, Dorcas, is healthy through God’s providence.

Please pray for my wife particularly as her mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her mother had surgery on July 20th and is now recuperating at home. My wife is the only child, in addition to looking after our family; she needs to spend some time taking care of her mother. It can be very tiring for her. We are grateful that the surgery was very successful and the doctor said that there is no serious problem, as long as she comes to have regular examinations.

Devotional Life

God is wonderful! He let my family experience sickness in the past two month so we can have the blessing of comforting those who are in sickness (2 Cor. 1:3-4). Recently, the mother of a member in our church was diagnosed cancer also. They were deeply encouraged when my wife and I went to visit them. I didn’t know how to comfort people who were suffering sickness before, but through my own experience and my mother-in-law’s suffering, I learned how to be compassionate and gentle and to comfort those in need.

Church Life

Three families joined our church as members in July. They have been visiting our church for half a year. They decided to obey God’s word and be committed to the church. They officially signed the church covenant at our members’ meeting on the 1stSunday in July. Our church has 40 members now. There are about 60 adults and 20 children attending the Sunday morning service, including 20 families, of which 17 are members. This gives me a lot of encouragement as I see how the Word of God is building His church and making the church to grow daily.

On the 4th Sunday of July, a co-elder submitted a resignation letter from the eldership. He resigned because he is convinced that he is not qualified. It hasn’t been publically announced in the church. I feel very sad for this. Please pray for me as I am going to meet with him for a few times over the next few weeks, hoping to help him. Please pray that God will give me wisdom and words to speak to him and teach me how to communicate with this brother effectively.

Please pray for the safety of our church in particular. Due to new religious regulations, our church is now facing more and more pressure from the government. The Government comes to check us in the name of firefighting. Although we haven’t been asked us to stop gathering or relocate, the authorities occasionally come and interrupt us when we are worshipping. Pray God will strengthen my heart and the hearts of the brothers and sisters so we will be faithful to Him and endure to the end in all circumstances.

I am now working on my next year’s plan of ministry. Please pray God will give me wisdom so that I can better serve my brothers and sisters and glorify God. I will go to attend a conference this week associated with CARTS. Since I am the Secretary General of the association, I was asked to speak in the conference. Pray God will give me boldness and wisdom so that what I will speak can glorify His name before so many theologians and pastors.

Finally, I pray God will bless the work you have done which will bring blessings to more people. May God remember your sacrificial work!

God bless,