Last week, I visited a village (which is 100km away from my place) along with another pastor to teach some rural pastors there. As I was traveling with the pastor from that village, he told me that some Hindu radicals are planning to kill him and that’s why he is not traveling often at night. But still he is fearlessly in continuing his work there.

We had another incident happen just 2 weeks ago, about 20 minutes away from my place. While some Christians are distributing tracts, with the permission of police, the Hindu radicals attacked them and beat them severely. When the Christians filed a police complaint against them, the police arrested some of those radicals. But, the local political leader who supports them turned the story around. He went to the police station and made the police release his people, and in return, filed false complaints against Christians and made the police forcefully arrest the Christians.

Please do pray for our country and the political situation here.

Charlie T.