Yesterday began a three-day seminar on expository preaching led by the Charles Simeon Trust. All of the HeartCry missionaries are participating in the seminar, along with many of the students of CTB Seminary in Lima and other local pastors. The seminar will involve several hours of instruction on preaching as well as very practical workshops in small groups as they work through biblical passages. All 70 participants have prepared exegetical studies of two different Psalms, and over the course of the seminar will present their studies in their small group, describe how they would preach an expository sermon from that particular Psalm, and then receive feedback from the group leader and other group members. Pray that the next few days would be fruitful in the preaching ministries of these men, and that their churches would richly benefit from their teaching and preaching as a result. Pray that an even deeper love for God’s Word would be kindled in the hearts of each pastor.