In the grace of God the weekly services and cottage meetings are going well. In this month I evangelized two brothers, Mr. Rodney P. and Mr. Lalit C. These brothers came to construct the road, and they stayed in my house. This was a great privilege to show hospitality and also to share the good news with them. While I was sharing about Christ, Mr. Rodney P. told that he used to attend church services in Kathmandu for 2 months, but he was opposed by his wife and family. Because of this he left the church services. I told him that no one can give us salvation except Christ, and one day we will leave all our beloved ones and have to be in-front of Him. Those who are in Christ will be saved from eternal death. I encouraged him to attend the church services, and put his faith in Christ. I invited him to join in our church services. Also I told to Mr. Lalit about sin and the salvation that is only in Christ. But Mr. Lalit didn’t respond. It is my prayer to God for their lives- that they may also believe in Christ and have eternal life.

Mr. Jivraj K. and Mr. Hari B. came to my house for some work. It was my opportunity to share the gospel to them as well. While I was sharing about Christ Mr. Jivraj was wondering. I told him about Christ and His necessity in our life because of our sin. We can get forgiveness from Him and receive salvation from Him. As I shared the gospel to them; they denied the gospel. It is my prayer that God may open their hearts and may believe in Christ.

I thank God for His help in doing ministry and also supplying all the needs in my life Thank you for your help, support, and teaching. It is my grateful thanks to you. May God bless you!

Prayer Requests: Please pray for these brothers to whom I shared the gospel. God may bring them in Him in His due time according to His will. Pray for the new believers for their spiritual growth in the Lord. Please pray for me and the ministry that I am doing.


Chandra C.