Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus! I want to thank God for His grace to my family, who support me in the ministries.

I want to praise God for a brother called P_________. Since his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he has been very active in the worship services. He brings others friends and neighbors to our services. The Lord has blessed this brother with the gift of inviting people to the fellowship. It has been a wonderful thing to witness. It is our prayer that the Lord open more doors for the gospel, in the location where this brother belongs. Please join us to pray more for this brother, and his people in the area. Please pray that he would lead a victorious life, and that God may grant him grace, for his family problem.

There’s another brother called A______. He was apart of our fellowship but decided to go back to the world. He was living a wild life and didn’t involve himself in any church activities. However, he fell sick. The doctors declared that “he might die any time.” He called us for prayer and we joined him. He then repented of his sins and his old way of life. He said, “Lord save me this time, and I will live for you, this time onward.” The Lord did hear his prayer and he was restored to normal health. Since then, this brother has returned to the fellowship.

Please pray for the Lord’s work within him. Please pray for those who want to testify before the congregation in water, and that God would provide a place of our own to worship Him.

In Love,

Chandan S.