Arturo Marin In The Church In San Rafael

Cesy used to come to the children’s Sunday school classes when she was a child. Her mother was one of the teachers. At that point, our church had a lot of people congregating each week and many, many children coming to our Sunday school, but we did not have healthy, biblical doctrine. Our evangelism wasn’t done in a way that was according to Scripture and as a result, we had many people who came to church but didn’t really know Christ. 

Cesy grew up and went off to the city to study. When she came back during the breaks, she would walk past our church and watch us, but she didn’t participate. Now she is married and has a daughter. 

In the midst of the pandemic, her father and other family members became sick with the virus and there was a sense of desperation. I was in Lima at the time, but I received a phone call from her mom, desperate, asking for prayer because it seemed like her husband was about to die. Cesy was also very fearful that her father was going to die.

In those moments I prayed with them and I spoke to them about the Word of God. I told them about their need for salvation and their need to repent of their sin. We continued those phone calls for some time.

When I returned to San Rafael, great was my rejoicing when I saw Cesy joyfully coming to the church and giving testimony to the fact that she is now a true Christian. She is very excited and when she is with the church she is attentive to what is happening. When we go to visit the sick and take food and supplies to them, she is with us. When we evangelize, whether in San Rafael or in other towns, she goes with us. In the different tasks that the church carries out, she is always present. And even when the job is hard and needs to be done by men, she asks her husband to help. Though he is an unbeliever, he respects her profession of faith. We are praying for his salvation as well.