In the church, by the grace of God the great majority of the brothers and sisters are continuing to meet together. It is a joy to see the care for one another and the zeal in their walk with the Lord as members of His Body. There are times when the church is especially encouraged in their walk with the Lord and give a good witness of the Gospel in their homes. The Lord also answered our prayer on behalf of one of the brothers in the church that had stopped attending for nearly two months. But now he is attending once again with his children to meet together with us.

I also want to tell you that the Gospel of grace continues to work in those that hear it preached. A young lady, who is 23 years old, was raised in a congregation where the Gospel is not taught, where she was for 17 years. She has now understood that salvation is by grace and she now plans to congregate with us. In this, brothers and sisters, we understand that the Lord is adding to the number in our church, and we want to be a blessing for those that the Lord is saving. Please pray for us.