By the grace of God, and in the power of His Spirit, we are pressing on in the work of preaching the gospel and building up the church. We are evangelizing more and more, and our goal is to speak with every home in our community.

While we were visiting the home of one of the sisters in our church, we had a pleasant surprise. For a long time, her husband absolutely refused to have anything to do with us. He didn’t want us to speak to him about the gospel, and he even refused to allow us to step foot in his house.

Several days ago, we decided to try once more to go and speak him. We prayed to the Lord together and left to go to their home. The Lord is at work in the life of this 86-year-old man! His demeanor was entirely different. He received us into his home kindly and he listened to the word of God attentively as we spoke to him about our Lord Jesus Christ and about the confidence and hope there is in Him. We spent a long time explaining the way of salvation in Christ.

At the end of our conversation with him, he told us that he wanted to begin following Jesus. He asked us to keep coming to visit him to talk to him more about the Lord. Glory to our God! Certainly, He is able to save anyone, whether young or old, as long as there is life. Whoever, you are, if you will repent and believe the gospel, there is salvation and life eternal!