Juan Pablo Handing Out Food In Huaraz
Juan Pablo Unloading Food In Huaraz

Some time ago, a missionary arrived in Taricá named Gabriel Kim. He and his family have come to our town to begin a school and he is also involved with us in the evangelism that we do. He has been a great blessing to the work. During these last couple weeks, we have worked together to harvest some crops that we had planted and Gabriel decided that we should donate those crops along with other foods to brothers and sisters in the church that are in need and to the neediest members of our community, such as the abandoned elderly, the sick, single mothers, orphans, etc. 

We had to ask permission from the local authorities to be able to move around to deliver the food. Not only were they willing to allow us to do so, but they even offered to escort us for our protection. So, we went in the truck from town to town carrying corn, onions, rice, sugar, oil, tuna, and oatmeal. 

Juan Pablo Devlivering Food In Huaraz

We took advantage of the opportunity to preach the gospel to the towns of Yungar, Santa Rosa, and Poyor, where the mayor filmed us speaking to the people and handing out food and he posted the video online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY779qgkVto). We did this for eight days and it was hard work, but it was a great joy for us as we demonstrated God’s love to the lost. God provided the funds through Gabriel’s ministry and also through an offering from the church. The people in the towns were very thankful and they glorified God.