Preaching The Gospel

Nicolae Vulpe and his wife, Daniella, serve in Pucioasa, Romania. He planted Bethany Church where he currently pastors. Being gifted musically, Nicolae (Nicu) started a school years ago to teach children music. The Lord has been pleased to use the school to bring many young people and adults under the sound of the gospel. In recent days, Nicu has been given the opportunity of sharing the gospel with the residents in the village of Gamacesti. He shares some of his experiences in his recent report:

Our church is involved in helping a community of poor people in the village of Gamacesti. Other brothers and I were involved in building a room for the Marin family (there were 10 people living in one room). When we heard about this, the church got involved with so much generosity. After we laid the foundation, I preached a message about the house built on the rock from Matthew 7. We prayed that the teaching of Jesus would help these people find the Rock of Salvation.

From time to time, we enjoy the celebrations of the Orthodox Church. This happened recently, when we were doing street evangelism in a village and were surprised to see so many people on the street (we found out that they were having an Orthodox celebration). We met several couples that were really interested in what we shared with them. Dorin and Lacrimioara were touched by the gospel. They asked us to visit them again. They also said they would like to come to church. Ion, Ovidiu, Cosmin, Cristi and their families expressed interest in the gospel. Ion seems to be aware of his sinfulness. He was glad to hear that he had a chance in Christ. He insisted that we should visit them again and speak to them about the Lord.

I had an interesting discussion with an atheist. He wanted to avoid this discussion, but the Lord gave me the idea to say that I didn’t believe he was an atheist. He was ready to do anything to prove to me that he was an atheist. I asked him if he had ever read the Bible. He said he would never do that because he was an atheist. So, I told him I had guessed he wasn’t a real atheist just because he hadn’t read the Bible. How could you be against something that you don’t know about? And this motivated him to start talking to me. We had a long discussion about many myths. I pray that the Lord would give him his light. This man is more a cynic than an atheist, and he is certainly a great sinner. I think this was his first discussion with a believer and I hope it would be useful to him. I believe that God wants all people to be saved (1 Tim. 2), so that’s why we pray to God for this man with hope.

We also had several good discussions with some people that visited our family. A former Orthodox priest from our area visited us with his family. We are so grateful to the Lord for this opportunity. Mr. Adrian has many questions and many things to learn. He is seeking the truth in a visible way. Our friendship is a good context for the work of the gospel in their lives. Now we can see even better the darkness in which those who should be the light of the Gentiles live. That’s why we want to pray even more for the Orthodox priests in our area. We pray for the light of the gospel and ask the Lord to have mercy on those who live in darkness or lead others into darkness.

Mrs. Suziana (the wife of a believer from our church), visited us and expressed interest and appreciation for our message. She really appreciates the believers. I pray that the Lord would search her heart and save her. She appreciates God’s work and we pray that Christ would also work in her life.