Rob Greenwood:

Thank you very much once again for your generous support and prayer.

This past month has been very exciting and a special time for my wife and I, as she gave birth to our son Frederick William Greenwood. By the grace of God, the delivery went extremely well, the baby is well. Thank you for praying for my wife and our son!

Other very exciting news in June is that a woman from our church got saved at the end of the month, and then on July 1st her husband was also converted. Both of them thought that they were already saved, but sitting under the preaching of the Gospel, they were convicted that they were lost. Also, the lady whom I’ve previously asked prayer for, has been coming to every service on Sunday and the prayer meetings in Blackville on Tuesdays. She has been under strong preaching of the Word and I believe God is working on her. A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought she would be coming to church and now she is, this is an answer to your prayers. Pray that she would be born again and fully surrendered to Jesus Christ.

It’s interesting to note that during the same period of time, when great things are happening, there are always conflicts to some degree. While some make negative comments about the preaching, others are confessing sin and turning to Jesus. There has definitely been some conflict with the preaching of the Gospel this past month, but the joy of seeing souls saved is worth going through it.

Please continue praying for us- that we would be faithful in serving God to proclaim His Word in the midst of trials and spiritual attacks. Thanks again! 

Dave Storey:

We have had some trials this month, but the Lord is faithful. Just this past Sunday morning a young man was converted. This is an answer to prayer, for we prayed for him earnestly last Wednesday evening.  My son-in-law witnessed to him and invited him out to the church, and he came. He was very convicted, he repented and asked Christ to save him. He said he never encountered anything like that before. He also said he felt like he could breathe now because the weight of sin had been lifted off. Praise the Lord! We have also prayed for him off and on for the past few years. Please pray that his wife will be converted.

Last Monday evening, I visited another young couple that has been attending the church for the last six months. The wife shared with me that three weeks ago, after a Sunday service, the Lord followed her home. She was so convicted, that she cried out to God for forgiveness, and asked Christ to save her. She says she has peace now and desires to read her Bible and pray. She even attended our prayer meeting and is witnessing to others already. After she shared this with me last Monday evening, I asked her husband to share his conversion experience with me. However, it didn’t add up. I then took him through 1st John and Matthew 7. Around an hour later, I asked him if he thought he was saved or lost. He started weeping and said, ‘lost.’ I asked him if he recognized what was lacking in his former supposed conversion, and he said ‘repentance.’  He expressed the desire to be truly saved, so I told him to go in his room, get on his knees, and ask God to forgive him. He sent me a text 20 minutes later and said that the Lord had saved him. God is at work! 

Thank you so much for all your financial support and prayer for us.