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Hello! My name is Goohen. I want to give you a quick update to testify what God has done to bless me and what a change it is in my life.

My career was being a soldier in the Cambodian Army. In 1992, I stepped on a landmine while serving as a soldier. My left leg was blown off above the knee. This changed everything for me.

Since that time, I need crutches to walk. The primary means of transportation in Cambodia is by motorcycle. But I can no longer ride a two-wheeled motorcycle because I will lose my balance on the bumpy dirt roads, so my wife has to be the one to drive to the market to get what we need, or if we go anywhere, I have to sit in the back while she drives.

I am an Elder in our church. I studied in a Discipleship group with a missionary that works with HeartCry for over one year. We study God’s Word and train to be equipped to pastor God’s church biblically. I preach the Word of God every other week, taking turns with another elder.

HeartCry has started to support my wife and me with monthly financial support to focus full-time on studying God’s Word and ministering to His people. What a life-changing blessing this has been to us!
I have not been able to walk without crutches for 29 years. But this month, the Lord Jesus opened a door for me that I had not been expecting. I was given the funds to go to a military hospital located on the other side of Cambodia to see a prosthetic leg. We all could not believe how everything just fell into place, but it did. I left there that week with a new prosthetic leg, supplied by my government, FREE for soldiers.

I know that all of this working out so quickly and smoothly is because Jesus prepared the way before me. The urging from the missionary that works with HeartCry for me to see if getting a new prosthetic leg was possible, the funds to go and to stay there for the week, and the favor that I received while there were all signs that my Lord was working for me!
My 6-year-old daughter has never seen me walk without crutches. Now, I can walk freely again. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!

Sincerely, Goohen