I am Proom K., a soldier and a fisherman. My home is a fishing village that floats on the Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in Cambodia. From land it takes one and a half hours in a boat to reach the village. Here in a very remote location of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ showed me mercy and love and saved me – about two years ago – after my nephew’s pastor came to my village and explained the Gospel to me. Ten days after I began to follow Jesus Christ, my 6 year-old son died by drowning. During this terrible time in my life Jesus held onto me and gave me strength. I testified to my wife that Jesus knows what we are going through and that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. She began reading the Bible with me and put her faith in Jesus Christ.

I prayed to God to send someone to teach me and help me understand God’s Word correctly. After three months of prayer, Brother Kelly, an American missionary, came to my village. He started teaching my family and giving us Bibles, Gospel tracts, and training books. After Kelly came I started sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my village and to other floating villages on the lake. We now have believers in my village and we worship together every evening. We have also moved our houses together to make it easier to get together and worship every day.

Blessings This Month

This month we are rejoicing for several reasons. We now have a building that we can use to meet together to worship God! We have been praying for more than a year for this building. When people started coming to my house to worship God in the evening, my house began sinking because of the weight of all the people. But HeartCry helped us to buy a floating building that we can use for the church! Since the purchase of the floating building we have been able to buy more barrels to increase the floatation so that we can support 50–100 people! The people in our village can see the cross of Jesus Christ on the roof of our building! The believers love to get together in our big building to worship God every evening and on Sundays!

Also, I have received my first monthly financial support from HeartCry Missionary Society. With this money I can purchase gasoline to go far away to share the Gospel, even to the river port one and a half hours from my village. The expense is $16 for gasoline for round-trip, but now I can go and share the Gospel.

My Community

Bea is one of the older men in our village. For over a year he has attended worship with his wife and their extended family. Initially, he just wanted to hear what we said about God; but now he and his family profess faith in Jesus Christ. Bea and his wife and adult children were baptized in July 2017. A few months ago Bea went through a time of questioning everything, including his faith. He didn’t understand the Old Testament, and when he read about Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael, he began causing dissention. He began expressing that we were teaching what the Muslims believe. After a few months of biblical teaching he realized the truth of God’s Word and he repented and rejoined our fellowship. We are thankful for Bea’s restoration. 

As I shared the Good News about Jesus Christ in the river port village, a 20-year-old man listened to the Gospel and believed. I had him cut off his waistband, which is an expensive charm used to ward off the demons and sickness. I explained to him that there is no power in those things and that all power belongs to Jesus Christ. He cut off his waistband but when he went home and told his family that he was following Jesus, his mother commanded him to put his waistband protection charm back on. He refused and told his mother that he now has protection from Jesus Christ.

In the same village, a 60-year-old grandmother named Yay Tooich (which means “little grandmother”) listened carefully to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked many questions. She is famous in this village because she lives in the Pagoda and spends time in prayer and serving the monks. She is a high-ranking woman in Buddhism. Some women who live at the Pagoda are at a level four and Yay Tooich is a level ten! But she listened to the Good News and started to understand and she went to confront the monks afterwards. She told them,

“What you have taught me cannot help me. I will not be coming back here!”

She told me everything that I explained to her from the Bible really makes sense! She has not yet called on the Lord to save her. Please pray for her!


My younger brother, Broong, professes faith in Jesus Christ and has studied together with us for more than a year. I hoped that God would raise him up to be an elder in the church. Lately, he is drinking a lot and intoxicated often. He actually took a club and hit his adult daughter in the head when he was drunk and she was bleeding and badly hurt. I have talked to him to stop drinking alcohol and so have other members of our church. Brother Kelly came, and we confronted him in front of the church and told him that he cannot continue to fellowship with us in the church until he repents and stops getting drunk and violent. Please pray for Broong!