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Greetings to all brothers and sisters in Christ from God the Savior Church; on behalf of all members, I would like to thank you for your care and love. God works through the prayer of His saints; therefore, your prayers and concerns are part of our ministry. We think of you as you remember us, too.

After four months of walking in Christ and continually tasting the goodness of the Lord while we watched their lives, seven people had the privilege of being baptized on March 23rd. By visiting both new and mature believers often, I have noticed the improvement in their understanding of God and the growth of their faith. As we heed the word of God in our minds, hearts, and souls, we see the high wisdom of God. He graciously gives it to us.

Ministry is one of our callings. At the same time, a shepherd like me needs to continue learning and seeking guidance from the Lord. Above all, I have to remember that my family comes first. Family devotion and my time with the Lord have become a part of our lives as we ask God to help us abide in Him.

We believe that God knows our needs, and He is pleased to fulfill His plan for us. Therefore, our challenges have become the things that work to strengthen our hope. Consequently, we will continue praising Him, and offer Him all our anxious thoughts, troubles, and needs.