Cambodia has a population of 15 million and less than 2 percent are evangelicals. Conversions are uncommon in Cambodia, sadly. However, as faithful pastors and missionaries share the message of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection, the gospel is proclaimed with

“power, and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.”

As a result of faithful proclamation, sinners turn to God and away from their idols

“to serve the living and true God.”

HeartCry missionary Chimm N. witnessed how the gospel of God was used to convert Buddhist in Cambodia and how those who believed followed Christ publicly in baptism. Chimm wrote:

We began sharing with them the gospel of Jesus and it was difficult for them to believe because of their Buddhist background. We dedicated time to witness to them of salvation through Jesus Christ. Because we continually shared the gospel when we met with them, occasionally they tried to avoid us. However, we remained faithful to communicate God’s love to them whenever we had the opportunity, and prayed for them consistently. The people in the pictures began to recognize they were sinners and truly needed Jesus’ blood to be shed for them for forgiveness of sins. They professed faith in Christ, and we began teaching them the meaning of baptism and what God requires of those who follow Jesus Christ. It was a great blessing from God to baptize them

“in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Please continue to pray for the new converts and that God will work through His Holy Spirit and Word so that conversions are very common in Cambodia. Pray God will work in the hearts of Cambodians so the church will

“spread abroad to the right and to the left”

throughout the country and into other countries in SE Asia.