The following report is from Timothy in reference to a church building in Myanmar that HeartCry helped fund so the construction could be completed (the picture in the article is where the construction ended before HeartCry sent funds for its completion). Again, HC wants to thank you for enabling us to help with projects such as this (ed.). 

Dear Supporters,

Greetings from Myanmar. Missionary Tuah and his family left their home and went to S.K. in 2004. This town is located in the very heart of Myanmar, which is a very strong Buddhism town where there are many Buddhist temples. This mission field is a very difficult place, missionary Tuah has gone through all kinds of persecution from the authority and Buddhists. By God’s grace and power, some people got saved and he started a house church. Twelve faithful people come to worship, and they have twenty-one children in Sunday school. The town where he lives right now has a population of 25000.

Two years ago, we bought a piece of land for church building, but we could not build it yet. We prayed and the Lord provided funds to begin a mission church building in May of this year. This building is 19 feet by 25 feet and is a two-story building. The mission family will live at the ground floor and the second floor will be used for a meeting place.

Thank you HeartCry for contributing theremainder of the funds so we can have a building for the church, which we believe is a statement to the community that we plan on remaining in this area for the long-term.