Arturo Marin Preaching

Abdias is the son of a sister in our church named Esmiria, who is an elderly widow. Esmiria comes every Friday to our prayer meeting and asks us to pray for the salvation of her several children. As a child, Abdias came to our Sunday School. Sadly, because at that time we didn’t preach the gospel in a healthy way, he was one of the many children who were supposedly converted, but only through a superficial preaching of the gospel. 

Two Sundays ago, he came to our service and he initiated a conversation with me. He asked me if he could call me to talk more. When he called me he said, “Brother, I want to be a Christian.” I preached the gospel to him again and I told him that he should seek the Lord for the forgiveness of his sins. 

When I see him now, I notice that he has joy in his heart. I am continuing to teach the Word to Abdias personally, as well las with his wife. Abdias is only the second person in my life that has called me in order to tell me that he wants to follow Christ as Lord and Savior. As in the first case, I believe God is working in the case of Abdias also. 

This is a great encouragement to us to continue preaching the gospel, to continue praying for the salvation of our families and relatives, and to continue going out and seeking people to tell about Jesus.