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Dear Partners in the ministry,

June, July, and August were very terrible day for us. Our family beloved ones, and ministry family ones died due to the COVID. We have lost 134 Chin pastors and missionaries, including my own younger brother. These days are mourning and weeping days. As I mentioned now and then, we have fought by the seen enemy (military coup), and the unseen enemy (COVID). Many of our people died by guns and bombs; many of our people died by COVID. Both killers are still harsh across the country.

Church Planting in the Midst of Two Enemies
We continue to go to a particular community regularly after Sunday morning worship service. One family opened their simple hut for Bible study. They had Bible study for three months, and when the military coup and COVID hit that area, people have no food to eat. We bought rice bags and some other foods from our relief source and gave them three times. The people are very poor, hand to mouth people. I should say that the church came into being in that area. We have purchased a small piece of land: 20 feet by 40 feet for a meeting place. We have a plan to build a simple house for a meeting place, in other words, it will be a church building.

Flood Disaster Help Ministry
In a town nearby, there has been a flood, and many people lost their houses, and their rice cottages were taken away by water, and they have no food. One of our missionaries has a great burden for those village people who are non-Christians. He and his wife went to those villages to preach the gospel. They went there two times, and they just preached the gospel. The people were interested in the gospel, and they requested that you please come back to us.

Christ’s Servants

We lost 136 Chin pastors and missionaries. Among our frontline missionaries, 11 families are suffering from
COVID, no clinic, no hospital, in some villages no medicines. Mainly this is our work during the last two months. In June, we formed CHRIST’S SERVANTS. We use two vehicles. In the team, there are 12 volunteer members: 2 drivers, 2 Bible translators, one missionary, 3 Bible College students, one missionary’s son, one faithful Christian young man, 2 Bible College teachers (ladies). The team members are divided into three groups. (1) The three ladies work at the office and packing medicines and cook food for all volunteers and sick ones who are not able to cook due to sickness, and the vehicles bring food to the sick ones. The second group and the third group are called VAN groups. We help believers who are suffering from the COVID-19 and need oxygen, medicines, food. The two VAN groups bring doctors and nurses to them.

Mainly we focus on believers, but non-Christians also we did help them whenever we find opportunity. My wife and I work from home by telephone. We do counseling the sick ones with the Bible, and even treatment also. We direct our CHRIST’S SERVANTS where to go, what to do daily. In June, I received more than 50 telephone calls for help; my wife received more than that. Since we have no government, no hospital, no government doctors and nurses, we search for private doctors and nurses available. May and June were very busy and heartbreaking months. Physically and mentally, we were tired; loved ones died; some were killed by guns and bombs. We were working in the midst of

COVID and Bullets

The two vehicles run here and there for providing oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators, medicines, and food. Although we worked with many of our loved ones, some of our coworkers, even my blood brother Paul passed away. We work. We run with tears. This morning also, I received a telephone call from a missionary wife who cried out, “My husband is struggling for breath. We need oxygen.” I called one of our drivers and told him to drive as soon as possible for a two hours drive. Sometimes, our vehicle had to go to the mission field for 10 hours drive, back and forth, occasionally 8- hour drive to provide medicines and oxygen tanks.

Because of your financial assistance, We could buy five oxygen concentrators, 22 oxygen cylinder tanks, PPE, Medicines, Food, and so on. Without your financial help, we could do nothing for this rescuing work. We have helped 58 families. Out of those families, just four persons died. The rest have been rescued. Halleluiah. Now the COVID case a little bit has come down in Yangon and Kale. The death rate is also smaller and smaller.




Found Faithful

Found Faithful