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Greetings to all in God’s Almighty name. God has done many works by His special grace in the last few months. As a result, we have experienced a deeper experience of God’s Grace and growth in ministry.  

       By the Grace of God I have started expositional preaching from the Gospel of Mark that is going very well. 25 – 35 people came on Sunday service. People are growing in many matters. Hopefully, they will share the gospel boldly. Expositional preaching is a new thing for people, but they are getting blessings from the word of God

Home Meetings:

        In some places, I have started home meetings. My main focus is the family members to which I go. And I am trying to reach their neighbors and preach to them the gospel.

Bible Study Meeting:

        By the Grace of God, I have started a weekly Bible study. In this meeting, most people belong to my home church; some do not belong to my home church buy they regularly attend. I teach them about the gospel with the very explanation. I talk with them about Christ, atonement, Grace and Law, salvation, etc. In this meeting, we have questions and answers. It is very useful and helpful for us because we have good and deep relations and unity and get better growth in sound doctrine. 

Other Meetings: 

Sometimes I am invited to weddings or memorial services and thanksgiving meetings. There I preach to believers, non-believers, and non-christians. This is a good time for me because I can share the gospel with unknown people.  


       Thank God, I have gave baptism of water to new converts. They are growing very well. They are coming on Sunday service regularly. I counsel them, and I talk about many important topics. I am teaching them what gospel is in bible study. As a result, they are getting more understanding of the gospel and healthy church.

Church membership:

      I have started Church membership, taking interviews for the establishment of the church. That’s going very well. Pray for me, as I attempt to be led by the Holy Spirit. And also for the member who comes for an interview. 


      Thank God for my Family; they are getting better in many matters. We have a Bible study with Pastor J.T. Thank God for this Bible study; we are learning from the book of Romans. That’s going very well. My sons and daughters are getting growth in Jesus Christ, and they are learning English. We pray together in our evening family prayer meeting. Thank God, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.( Phi 4:13”).

I am very thankful to Pastor Paul Washer and Pastor J.T., and all Heartcry sponsors. 

Joshua R.