Dear friends and supporters, This letter is from Danh K., your brother in God from D. Baptist Church.

For the first words, I would love to give the best greetings and love to you, my dear friends and supporters, who are loved in God and kept for Jesus Christ. May His grace and peace be on you in abundance.

A month has passed already since my first monthly report. Within this month we had been through such great experiences. I would love to mention them in this report of this month. Hopefully, this information will encourage you in many ways.

God is good all the time. Thank God, it was by His grace and love that His church and our family have been blessed and cared through a month. Our family is still doing well and the church remains stable overall. Most of members in the church attend church service on Sunday. My family and myself were really blessed with farm products. The best thing is that we have been kept safe and healthily throughout the month.

Thanks God, He has answered our prayers. We managed to hold music classes for members in the church. We taught them how to play instruments and play Gospel songs for the services. We also had brothers and sisters from the nearby local churches taking part in teaching in our classes. It was also blessing to see everyone attending and trying hard with joy to be able to serve in the church.

But there are difficulties. As a pastor, I am always praying to God for having partners to share my work. For example, I need a brother to manage the music part for the church. Also, I need a person to teach Gospel every time I am not at home as well as a person to take care for the church when I am absent for a long period. I am praying to God for having these significant people.

Positively, in the previous month, we had carried out training class for deacons. We co-operated with another Pastor L. from D. Baptist Church and Pastor T. from P. Church to hold the first class on May 28th. I knew of many of believers who are dedicated to contribute their labor, and finally they had chance. We had 4 people attending the first class. We showed them how deacons play such important roles in church, and encouraged them to take on the ministry. Hopefully this class will help strengthening the human resource in the church. We are planning on teaching how to testifying Gospel to the other in the following month.

Although I do not have enough time to go preaching this month in the villages, I made the most of times I had chance to tell the Gospel to those who wanted to know more about Christianity.

However I feel I am having a good start. Please continue praying for God’s blessing and will fulfill our ministry in Vietnam. I would like to give my best thanks to all of you who are continually supporting us. We will always remember to pray for you.

Yours sincerely, Danh K.