Dear Brothers,

I am very happy to share about how God had used me in His ministry and what I had experienced in this one month vacation.

First week: I took rest and read a book called “God’s Big Picture” written by Vaughan Roberts which I received from HeartCry Missionary Society. It is good book; simplified survey of whole Bible concerning the Kingdom of God. It helped me to understand about the God’s big plan and progressive revelation to bring His people into His kingdom.

Doug Preaching Christmas

Second week: I had an opportunity to preach Christmas message in Sunday fellowship. I spent time to prepare sermon. I preached form Luke 2:1-20 on the topic of “The Miraculous Birth of Jesus Christ.”  I preached:               

  • Reality of Christ’s Birth (1-7)
  • Reason of Christ’s Birth – Gospel (8-14)
  • Response to Christ’s Birth/gospel (15-20)

Third week: Pastor Amos and myself were busy collecting articles,  typing and designing. We published a magazine in Nepali language, including some English articles. It was difficult to type in Nepali language but God gave us strength and helped us to successfully complete the task. We distributed the magazine to church members and other peoples outside from church.

Fourth week: I spent time with youths by practicing songs for Carol and Christmas program. We went to believers’ houses and some Nepali restaurants for carol and also shared the gospel of Christ’s birth. Pastor Amos,  Bro Ser B., and I shared the gospel turn by turn in different places. 

We had an opportunity to share gospel among Nepali peoples who came here for jobs. Most of them are youth and are working in restaurants. On December 25 we celebrated Christmas in church and that was blissful.

Fifth week: After Christmas program I stayed in one brother’s house nearby church and visited some families. I spent time with them encouraging and praying for them. It was a very encouraging time for me to hear their testimony and what God had done in their lives. 

I am very thankful to God for guiding me and giving privilege to spend my vacation time in His ministry, helping Pastor Amos. God opened door for Nepali fellowship in new place in Goa, India. We have started new fellowship during the first week of December. It was a good experience for me to involved in ministry. I am learning that ministry is not easy but very blissful if we seek God’s calling and His strength. I experienced, there is difficulties in ministry, but more than that there is inner rejoice and peace to be with God’s people and sharing gospel to lost peoples. This is all for the glory to our God (1 Cor. 10:31).

After this module (January-February), I will go back to Nepal for 2 month in a vacation. I am planing to involve myself in ministry with Bro. Silas, a HeartCry missionary, during the vacation and also planing to visit some churches so I can learn and experience more about God’s calling for ministry in my life. I hope it will be a good time to have fellowship with my family and church members. I want to thank HeartCry for supporting in my study and also thank you, all my brothers and sisters who continuously remember for me in prayer.

In Christ,