A few weeks ago, HeartCry was able to send 50 Study Bibles for native pastors who met for a week of teaching and training in the jungles of Peru, led by Jario S. Most of the men traveled a very great distance from the villages in the surrounding region to meet in Pucallpa, located in the eastern jungles along the Ucayali River. While all of the leaders that were present speak Spanish, they also speak at least one other native language, and among the 60 or so men, there were 19 different languages represented. The majority of the villages from which these men come have only the New Testament in their native language, and are in need of men who know the whole counsel of the Word and are able to teach it clearly.

Pray that the Lord would use the training and the Study Bibles to equip these leaders to shepherd and teach His flock. Praise God for the work that he is doing in the remote parts of the jungles of Peru, and pray that he will continue to use Jairo S. and Micah T. for His glory in their pursuit of preparing church leaders throughout the jungle.

Also, pray for the training for native pastors that Jairo and Micah will be leading in San Lorenzo, Peru next week. San Lorenzo is located along the Marañon river in the North, and many of the men will be traveling several days by boat to attend, mostly coming from villages scattered throughout the northern jungles. HeartCry will also be sending 150 Study Bibles for this training. There will be around 6 native languages represented, while all the leaders speak Spanish as well. Please labor with us in your prayers for this conference, asking that the Lord would bless the teaching and use it to equip and grow His Bride upon the return of these men to their churches.