Marian Toma is one of our HeartCry Gypsy missionaries who pastors Grace Church outside of Bucharest in Tunari, Romania.  In this month’s report he provides this testimony of someone that his local church was able to serve who had subjected themselves to the practice of witchcraft.  Marian writes:

On the last Sunday of the month I went to Vidra (50 km away), along with Robert, Marian, Ilie, and Fanica, in order to meet a man. He is 49 years old and has been in a wheelchair over the last 19 years from a car accident. His parents did everything they could to help him recover, including selling their house.  He was taken to China for a surgery with stem cells, but the procedure wasn’t successful. His sister also sold her apartment in order to help him. Now they are building a small house on the outskirts of Bucharest. The man’s parents are very old now. His father has Parkinson’s disease and his mother has heart issues. They resorted to taking him to the witches, but was still the same. We spent three hours with this family and the believers that were with me shared their personal testimonies, telling how the Lord had healed them. Ilie was healed of cancer and Fanica used to be in a wheelchair and the Lord healed him. The man said he wanted to turn to the Lord. He then asked for forgiveness for his sins. The parents also said they were sorry for taking him to the witches. We prayed for him and intend to go back to visit him again. Please pray for man.