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Pavel Purcaci serves under the oversight of Igor Serement. While he primarily works with the youth in the Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova, he also evangelizes and disciples men. In last month’s report, Pavel shares:

Thank you for your prayers and for supporting the ministry in Anenii Noi and surrounding villages.

We had online church meetings this month. Also, the church had Bible study for women and the faith family on Zoom weekly. We have had good attendance with church members who live abroad joined us. The people studied the list in 2 Peter 1:5-7, while the women have a study guide for their meetings. I’m thankful that we could use the internet for our meetings.

The Sunday church service was also live on the internet, even though we met in the church courtyard. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to have public meetings again. The believers really missed the fellowship and celebration of the Lord’s Supper as a sign of unity. This is also an opportunity for the neighbors of the church to hear the Word. We pray that the Lord will touch their hearts with the Gospel. At a certain point, a neighbor turned on the radio really loudly, but then turned it down just when the sermon was about to start. Praise the Lord for His intervention and for the fact that His Word was heard!

I made several pastoral visits this month, speaking to the church members to present the Gospel to them more clearly. An older sister had her teenage grandchildren with her and I preached the Gospel to them. The Lord used me while visiting half of the church members this year. I pray I can visit all.

We continued distributing food supplies in the villages where we work. We visited families with children and old people, offering them food and encouragement.

I gave a ride to a young man and was able to preach the Gospel to him. He seemed to be interested in spiritual things and we talked about this all the way. I urged him to read the Scripture, pray and seek God with a sincere heart. May God work in his life and enable him repent!

Praise the Lord that we can carry on our ministry even during the pandemic.

Ibrahim Rifath 9yquaqktghe Unsplash

Village Retreat

Village Retreat