David Vale's Bible Study

Following the death of his father, David Vale was immediately thrust into a full time ministry. Although so young for such a demanding work that included shepherding and evangelizing, he has fared admirably as a burning and shinning light in the Gypsy community. His humility, zeal and love has had a great impact on the people. In this month’s report he shares the details of his labor:

I visited the brothers and sisters in Fundeni that couldn’t come to church. I visited sister Vasilica, who was baptized in 2013. She is sick now and can’t come to church unless someone gives her a ride. I visited her three times this month to encourage and pray with her. When we started building the church in this village she helped us even though she wasn’t born again. She turned to the Lord in 2013. Sister Vasilica has enjoyed my visits, prayer times and the songs we sang together. .

I also visited the Nita family. This sister had undergone surgery several weeks before. God had mercy on her and helped her recover quickly. I sang with them and their daughter, Flori, who is part of our praise and worship team. They were glad that I visited them. Brother Nelu’s sister and nephew were also there when I visited the Nita family. I preached the Gospel to them and prayed with them. Their nephew, Bobi (23), told me he would come to church. He came to church the next Sunday, listened to God’s Word and prayed to the Lord. Please pray for him that the Lord would change his heart and help him repent along with his mother. I was thankful that while visiting the Nita family I could also meet their relatives and preach the Gospel to them.

I visited sister Maria who is old. I give her a ride to church every Sunday, pray and sing with her. When I visit her, I also talk to her granddaughter, Catalina. She told me that she was baptized four years ago, but then she quit attending the church because her husband wouldn’t allow her to go anymore. But her husband changed in the meantime and she said she would like to start attending the church again. She is addicted to smoking, but I encouraged her to turn to the Lord and to come to church. She promised she would attend with her grandmother, sister Maria, who is a member of our church.

I spoke to Gogona whom I’ve known for a long while. She told me she had heart issues and needed to have surgery. Her heart valves needed to be repaired. I preached the Gospel to her and she came to church. She received the Lord and said she wanted to follow Him in baptism. The church prayed for this woman and when she went back to the doctor, he told her that the valves were okay and didn’t need to be repaired. The Lord has started healing this woman and this was an encouragement for her and for us to keep praying for her. Please pray that the Lord would regenerate her.

Sister Flori, the young lady who turned to the Lord several months ago, decided to get baptized. She is 14 years old. Brother Moise spoke to her and noticed the change that had taken place in her life and also her determination to follow the Lord. I will start the catechism course with her in July. Please pray for her.

No one from our church has been infected with Covid this month. We decided to fast every week with the church for this situation. We also have been praying that the Lord would bring more people to Him and that He would protect our country. I would like to ask you to pray for brother Marin and his wife who have a 15-year-old son who is very rebellious. I found out that he wanted to stab his father a few days ago. Please pray that the Lord would calm him down and bring him to repentance. Please pray also that Christ would strengthen his parents.

There are people infected with Covid-19 in Pantelimon. I managed to meet with the believers on Zoom and Facebook. I encouraged them to stay close to the Lord and follow Him.

I also visited some of believers in Pantelimon. I spoke with brother Sorin and sister Mihaela from the Word, sang and had prayer with them. Their daughter, who is 21, was healed of cancer about 6 to 7 years ago. While they attend the church and want to live for God, I would like you to pray for Sorin as he got away from the Lord.

Please pray for those who tell other people not to repent. Pray that the Lord would give them wisdom so that they would stop preventing others from coming to the Lord.