Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We are blessed. I have exciting news. It was a great privilege and honor to baptize two of my daughters in June. This was such a special time for us. I look back at my life and praise the Lord for his grace. I use to work with a Hindu priest, assisting in various rituals of Hinduism. Hearing the gospel in December 2008, the Lord brought me out of darkness and into His light. I am amazed and thankful for the ministry that He has given to me.

I now work to bring others out of the darkness. The enemy is resistant. Several months ago, the villagers tried to beat me up. They spread untrue rumors about my work and me. Most people are not receptive to the gospel, and say many bad things about my family. However, the work must go on, and we praise the Lord that He is rescuing those who will hear His voice.

In May, I had the privilege of sharing the gospel with a village farmer. As a result, he has placed his faith in Jesus. Please pray that the Lord would open the eyes of others in these villages, and the faith of this man would grow. Please pray for the 15 to 25 people who gather together for the Sunday service. God bless.

Thank you,

Barak K.


Marian Nae

Marian Nae