Dear brothers & sisters,

Praise the Lord for entrusting his people with the privilege of proclaiming and protecting his Gospel. These past years due to the problem of Japan’s shrinking population we have seen large numbers of immigrants coming to work in Japan’s factories from South East Asian countries, many of which are located near our church. We have been proclaiming the Gospel to the Spanish, Japanese and English international community but now we see that there are many other language communities that are growing in our area who have never heard the Gospel. Please help us praying so our Lord will raise more missionaries and that the Gospel will be effectively proclaimed to this new unreached multilingual minorities and that our Lord will bless them with salvation. Most of them come with traditional Buddhist, Muslim and Hinduism beliefs (Romans 10:14-15).

Praise the Lord for blessing us with another anniversary and the celebration of two baptisms. One Peruvian lady shared with us that she was baptized and proclaimed Christian as a child, but since she joined our church she said that it was the first time that she really heard the Gospel and the doctrines of repentance and regeneration. This led her to surrender her life to our Lord and wanted to be baptized this time biblically. Praise the Lord for opening the eyes of many people that are living holding onto a cultural false hope. Please pray for all professing Christians that are still in need of hearing the true Gospel. 

The second baptism was a Bolivian lady who one-year ago was contemplating an abortion. Praise the Lord that after months of counseling with her now husband, the Gospel saved them and also the life of their now precious little girl. She has being discipled by my wife and it is a blessing to see their faith and passion to share the Gospel.  All glory to our God. Please keep praying for our Lord to mercifully continue saving more people for his glory.

Praise the Lord for blessing our church with the opportunity to continue assisting and sharing God’s word with elderly homeless in Tokyo. Please pray for God’s power to speak to them through our sharing, meals and the bible verses we will share with them this month. Due to the Olympics coming, it looks like the government is looking to relocate the homeless community from their places so please pray so that we will be able to continue visiting with them with meals and God’s word. 

Praise the Lord for our Operation Christmas ministry. We are now in the process of training new people in working through the year for this ministry. Please pray for all the people that are working supporting Samaritan’s Purse and that all the boxes will be received by churches that are passionate to share the Gospel and that the boxes will be an addition of their expression of care and love for the needy children and their families.  

We started some months ago ecclesiology and membership classes in Spanish. It has being a blessing to go through the history of the church, statements of faith, commitment, accountability, our mission and the Gospel. This month we are starting the classes for a second time in Spanish again, but also in English and Japanese. We are praising God because our Lord is sending many people and even unbelievers that want to know what is the meaning of the church, the history of Christianity and the Gospel. Please pray as I teach these 3 separate classes in 3 languages at the same time. I also am training some brothers to start teaching some classes. 

Thank you always brethren for holding the rope through your prayers and support. 

In Christ,
Tokyo – Japan.