Baptisms In Huaraz


William is a young man, now eighteen years old. His father died when William was a child and his mother was given to alcohol. William was depressed. He told me that one day his stepfather hit him so hard that it made his nose bleed. He ran to his uncle who reported it to the police, but William’s mother denied the event and defended his stepfather. 

As a teenager, William decided to run away from home and he went to live with his aunt and uncle. He lived with them until this year when he came to Huaraz from Lima to live with another aunt, whose name is Giovanna. Giovanna had never met William, but she took him in as her own son. 

One day, as we do regularly, we went to Giovanna’s house to have a Bible study with her family. William heard the gospel that day and he bowed his knee to Christ for the first time. Since that time, he has been growing through discipleship and was baptized. He meets faithfully with the church to worship His Lord.


Maritza lives in the town of Carhuaz with her husband Andres. They have five daughters. She heard the gospel several years ago from a lady named Gloria, who is her neighbor. Since that time, Gloria continued a Bible study with Maritza but for a number of reasons Maritza had not attended a church. 

We began visiting with Maritza over the past year and she began coming to our church services. God has worked in Maritza’s family, and she expressed a desire to be baptized, as did her three older daughters.


Javier is twenty-five years old. He arrived here at the beginning of 2021 from Venezuela after a journey that took him several days. He came in order to work so that he could send money back to his parents in Venezuela. His brother Carlos had already begun attending the church and it was through him that we met Javier. We preached the gospel of Christ to Javier and he is now following the Lord. He is being discipled in our church and was baptized.

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Prodans in the States