Ion And Ilie

Missionary Ion Gireada serves as HeartCry’s point man in Ukraine, overseeing and providing accountability for our HeartCry missionaries in the country. This month he shares how the Lord moved in the hearts of some men to bring repentance unto life:

After 5 months of lockdown, two men repented, confessed their faith in Christ and were baptized. This was a great joy for us. Their wives and the Church have been praying for Ion and Ilie for over nineteen years and the Lord has saved them. Praise Him! We had the baptism in the church courtyard. I asked another pastor to baptize these men, as I had undergone surgery and I was still recovering. I preached and gave the Lord’s Supper. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us nice weather. Many non-Christians attended the baptism service, relatives of the men who were baptized. I talked to some of them after the church service and they said they wanted to repent. We pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of all who heard the Gospel message.

I visited only one family this month – they are old and the brother is getting ready to go to the Lord. I also visited a young sister in the hospital. She fainted on the street and was taken to hospital. I offered spiritual counseling to several families. I spent a lot of time counseling a young couple who wants to get divorced. They have a two-year-old boy and fight all the time. Please pray for this couple. Pray that the Lord would protect them.

The church meets only once a week because of the virus. We study Romans.

I visited the church in Bahranesti only twice this month. We carried on the Bible study in the book of Romans.

I was invited to preach at a wedding in Chernovtsy area where many non-believers heard the Gospel.

In the last two weeks of the month, five brothers and I went to the village of Poroscova in the Transcarpatia area to repair the Nehemiah house. Ilie and Marina Hlusciac are going to move there. Brother Ilie joined us for two days and I introduced him to the believers in Transcarpatia. They welcomed us and were so glad that another missionary family is going to join them. We visited several churches together and preached God’s Word.

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