“In December, we had a baptism and Alex was among those who were baptized. Who is Alex? Alex is a young man whom the Lord saved from the lion’s teeth of Miracle Center Ministries, the biggest charismatic, word-of-faith ‘church’ in Uganda. He was in the church’s dance group. According to Alex, he was miraculously converted through listening to audio sermons of our brothers Paul Washer and John McArthur. He immediately started looking for those preachers’ contacts and he landed on Pastor Conrad Mbewe. Pastor Conrad informed him that they already have a church plant in his own country (Uganda) and later linked him with us. Alex joined us and started growing in the knowledge of the truth. We started equipping him in how to reach out to his fellow former members of “Dance Heaven” with the gospel. The Lord is always amazing, and Alex has managed to bring his friend Moses to Christ. Moses has been praying with us for some time now, but yesterday he said he wanted to talk with me and, wow, I couldn’t believe my ears. The Lord is really changing Moses! Please be in prayer for Alex and Moses as we continue guiding them in the knowledge of God.”