Season’s greetings! I praise and thank God for the past month, for his guidance in the ministry. As I mentioned in my last report, our AGM and Pastoral conference was successfully conducted in November. Two reformed Pastors from the Pastors Training International, UK, spoke on Reading the Bible, Bible Overview, Text to Sermon, and the Pastor’s life to 140 Pastors, church leaders, Bible students, youth and children workers from over 40 churches under our organization. We greatly benefited from their sound teachings and practical applications on the topics. I organized the three-day conference as a host and an interpreter for my people, for a second time. The first was in January 2016. I am particularly delighted to have seen my co-working pastors being encouraged, challenged and enlightened through the exposition of those godly Pastors.

It was also a blessing to meet with the other two HC missionaries during the conference. I was encouraged by their updates, commitment, and faithful hard works in an isolated region. They are now preaching the gospel from village to village to hundreds of animists in the region. Please remember them in prayer as they are seizing the once-a-year opportunity of permission by authority to preach at any village in the Christmas season. We have seen people’s conversions in this kind of activities in the past. They are also hoping to make a trip to China in the last week to preach the gospel to the Lahu people there as well.

Next week, I am leading our mission team to three villages to present the gospel to many unbelievers. Please remember this in your prayer too. In every season, especially this, we make sure that we keep preaching the Gospel both to our own church and to the animist villages nearby. As Missions Director of our organization, I arrange gospel-preaching trips, sending out of evangelists to target villages, and following ups. We have seven evangelists this year, 2018, besides the two HC brothers. Please pray for me for wisdom and God’s guidance in future.

God has shown his favor to my church and my pastoral ministry. I’ve constantly been warning them of false teachings, and preaching on foundational doctrines of the Deity and Humanity of Christ, assurance of salvation, and sanctification. One of the Burmese Buddhists has stopped visiting regularly. It was perhaps my preaching on Jesus as the Only way to be saved offended him. Please pray for him. It shows that the Gospel message has nailed his heart. Whether he is back or not, I firmly believe in the power of the Gospel for those who believe, for those God predestined before the foundation of the world. However, we have even more regular visitors who long for the expository preaching of the Word. As a pastor, I’m so delighted to see members growing in the knowledge of Christ, in enthusiasm of evangelism and generosity in sharing with the needy and helping each other, they themselves being poor physically.

My wife and I visited Thailand on 26th November for our regular medical checkups. The results available this time were encouraging and our next appointment is in March, 2018. Thank you very much for your support to the expenses. Thank you also for the sola water heater. It’s cold here but we are well provided with what we need in our family. My wife and our two boys are well. I have been informed that the delayed book printing is being finalized. Please pray for this project also as we consider the next book to translate. Thank you for your faithful partnership and may God bless each and every one of you who take parts in this great commission at HC.

Yours in Christ,


December 2017