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What an astonishing forgiveness we find in Christ, what a noble commission we have received from Him, and what a glorious inheritance is reserved for us in Heaven. May the Lord allow us to embrace these truths and may our hearts find satisfaction and solace in Him alone.

I have been invited to preach in several churches lately, where I have seen the great need for sound Biblical teaching. So many trends try to influence and condition the church these days, and it is not uncommon at all to hear how a growing number of churches are canceling their preaching meetings or substituting them for dialogue gatherings when the Word used to be taught. We know the Bible has been revealed to us as the light for His flock, and we pray for our own people so that in everything we do we may rest in the Scripture’s guidance and sufficiency. 

I am thankful for two new attenders who just joined the Fundamentals of the Faith class I teach on Mondays. One of them being a young man grew up catholic wanting to become a priest. He even started seminary only to discover how inconsistent and confusing his credo was. A friend of his invited him to one of our services, and since then he is regularly attending our meetings. We pray for the salvation of his soul, so he may become a trophy of His Grace. 

We keep on traveling every week to Lalin to bring the gospel to that town. For these last weeks we have been able to give out several Bibles and New Testaments in the bookstand we have at the local market. A little group from our home church is coming regularly with us, pray for their commitment to Christ’s work to increase. On November the 6th we will be holding a special conference in remembrance of the 450 years of the first Spanish Bible. The so-called ‘Biblia del Oso’ was secretly translated from the original languages into Spanish in 1569 by Casiodoro de Reina. For more than 300 years owning or even reading this Spanish Bible, which was the only one, was forbidden and persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition. Even today most people are totally unaware of the history of the Bible, so we want to take advantage of this anniversary not simply to chat about history, but to proclaim the great old truths of Scripture as we talk about a Glorious Christ, One who takes delight in saving sinners.

As a family we are grateful to the Lord for His unceasing mercy. The kids grow fast and are the joy of our home. Even the responsibility Olga and I share to instruct them in the fear of the Lord gives us the opportunity to share the Word with others. I was recently interviewed by the local TV having the chance to share what a difference it makes to have Christ as the center of our family. May the Lord allow us to be a godly example that points others to Christ.  Our hands are full, and our needs are great. So we really thank you so much for your prayers, and for your faithful service to Christ.